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The first chaos in history (12th Dec 22 at 12:29am UTC)
The first chaos in history
"What can't you say?" Laozhang's words are full of ridicule, and the meaning is also very clear: What is there to keep secret about a person who is about to die? I am embarrassed tunnel: "Do not say you are not happy, said afraid you can not stand, even tomorrow's anesthetic are saved." "Then save it!" I steadied my mind before I said, "You know the 108 heroes of Liangshan..." …… Ten minutes later, Lao Zhang stared at me foolishly. I quickly waved: "Do not believe a word, you when I put a fart." Laozhang picked up a piece of apple skin and threw it over, scolding, "bastard boy, you see I'm dying before you tell me." "Do you believe it?" I asked in surprise. "At the very beginning, I felt something was wrong, and there were 300 students. I still remember a man named Wei Tiezhu, who said his word was Xiangde. Who gave it to him, Yue Yun?" I nodded: "Yes, they are Yue Fei Qinbing." "If I hadn't been dying, it would have been hard to believe. Greet them for me and ask them to take care of Marshal Yue." "They can't see Yue Fei either," I said with a smile. "Those teachers you call,Horse weight lbs, is the big black Li Kui?" "Yes, he lost the first game and beat his opponent half to death, resulting in a score." Lao Zhang and I laughed together, and we talked about the funny things of the heroes for a while. Lao Zhang asked me: "Even so, the game can be won." Lao Zhang grabbed me like he remembered something and said excitedly, "Yes, you can win. When Yucai becomes a national martial arts base,Pi tape measure, you can also help those children, Xiaoqiang, please!" I patted Lao Zhang's emaciated hand: "That's not true. The heroes have only one year, including the 300 troops. They are all the same. And they are all going to leave soon. After winning the game, the money will be allocated and the students will be sent over. What should I do?" Laozhang was in a daze, and the look of disappointment was overflowing. He pulled his hand away, and after a long time, he said lightly: "You are right to do so." Feeling his disappointment and coldness, I stood up to say a few words of comfort, but I had no way to say them. Lao Zhang waved to me feebly: "You go, I'm tired." I went to the door and finally looked back. Lao Zhang was lying flat on the bed, thin as if he could not stand the weight of the quilt. Now even his spirit was depressed. I moved outside the door like a wooden pole, Fiberglass tape measure ,cattle weight tape, and the steamed stuffed bun ran up and asked me, "What did Mr. Zhang say to you?" I asked her, "Where is Sister Zhang?" "I told her to go back to sleep and come back in the morning." I sat down on the bench in the corridor, holding my head and not speaking. Baozi sat beside me carefully and asked softly, "What's wrong?" I twisted my face and asked her, "Am I an asshole?" Baozi said without hesitation, "Yes." I continued to hold my head. But you can be a cool jerk sometimes. He is indeed a student taught by Lao Zhang. In the middle of the night, the steamed stuffed bun fell asleep on my shoulder. I stared at the opposite wall all night, and my mind was in a mess. By the time it was light, my whole eyeball and eyelid were red, and I didn't move except for an occasional blink. I've been holding on to an idea: I'm right to do this, really right, absolutely right. I think Lao Zhang can understand my situation. …… As soon as Baozi opened her eyes, she was startled by me. "What are you doing?" She shouted softly. I fell asleep.
I don't know how long it took me to wake up from the noise. I looked up and saw that Sister Zhang had come and was helping a group of doctors and nurses push Lao Zhang out. Baozi looked nervously behind him. In order to keep in the best condition, Lao Zhang had inhaled pure oxygen. His eyes were rolling, apparently looking for someone. When he saw me, he finally stopped searching. He looked at me steadily. My pupils flashed as if I had something to say. I quickly took out my cell phone and pressed it on him. What he wanted to say was only two words: child. I couldn't help it any longer. I jumped up. I shouted to Lao Zhang: "Leave it to me. We won't lose!" Lao Zhang nodded comfortably. He closed his eyes and let others push him away without any worries. Looking at my watch again, it was already 8 and a half. I ran outside like crazy while pulling my coat. The steamed stuffed bun grabbed me and said, "What are you going to do?" "I'll show you another cool one!" I shook her off and rushed into the car like the wind. Within a few seconds, I was speeding on the road. I called Zhu Gui and asked him, "Did the race start?" Zhu Gui said, "Brother Lin Chong has lost, and now Zhang Qing is playing." "Let them win no matter what!" I shouted at him. Zhu Gui immediately took a breath and said, "Did I hear you right? After we leave.." I shouted: "Let those go, I want to win now!" " Volume II Yucai Wenwu School Chapter 26 Ideal and Reality Mobile E-book · Feiku Net Updated: May 20, 2008 10:32:53 Number of words in this chapter: 3345 The hospital is not far from the stadium. If you drive 60 miles, you can get there in seven or eight minutes, but you can't even drive 6 miles in minutes. Because it was 8:30 in the morning, and the traffic jam was like a bastard. I kept honking my horn, sticking my head out and cursing the driver in front of me, and spitting at the car in front of me. My eyes were red, my hair was messy, and I looked terrible. Finally, a police car painted with blue tiles could not bear to pull me to the side of the road, and the siren made a harsh sound similar to an elephant's fart. Two patrolmen came up to me with their hands on their waists. I could see that they didn't wake up either. They were still angry when they got up. They scolded me in a foul voice: "You took the gun medicine. What happened?" I shouted at them: "I am in a hurry to compete, and I am the leader of Yucai!" A policeman said, "Yucai?"? That sounds familiar. Another policeman, apparently a fan of Sanda, immediately said,Surveyors tape measure, "The Wulin Congress has entered the team of 4." He took one look at me and immediately recognized me. "I've seen you on TV, 'I have a strong talent.' Isn't there a game for you today? Why are you still here?" I put my hand on his shoulder and said, "It's too late to explain. I just came out of the hospital." 。
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