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Peach blossom ring (12th Dec 22 at 12:23am UTC)
Peach blossom ring
"That's more like it." Lu Jialin muttered, shook his hand and flew out a few silver needles, inserted in his leg, and then said to the old man, "You can rest assured this time!"! With these silver needles, at least his tendons won't shrink back. I'll cure him when he comes back. In addition to Wang Bo, everyone else was shocked by this magical hand, especially the dean, looking at the trembling silver needle, eyes are almost staring out. Moments later, the old man sighed: "The girl's magic skill, the old man admires, dare to ask two people to look for what kind of person?" Dongming City. Zhao Xiaotong got off the plane, transferred to a taxi, and came all the way to Lishan County. In the car, fiddling with the notebook, Zhong Lindi's face suddenly became strange, and after a moment, she silently handed the notebook to Li Ying. On the screen of the notebook, there are a series of clear photos,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, the main characters are Wang Bo and Su Ting, a few of them are his brave fight with small hoodlums, there are also Su Ting holding Wang Bo in the street to eat crazily, more of the latter. Li Ying blushed, looked coldly at the intimate photos of the two, sighed, and handed the notebook to Zhao Xiaotong. Zhao Xiaotong took a look, suddenly stunned,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, however, her eyes stay in the position, but is the face of those small hoodlums. Chapter 092 stay away from Ye Kai? Accompanying Wang Bo to look for Ye Kai was the elder brother of Tianjimen, the old man who had been arguing with Wang Bo. The old man, surnamed Zhou, always ignored Wang Bo, as if he was still angry about what had just happened. All right, now that you're out of the hospital, you can talk! As soon as he left the hospital, old man Zhou stopped and said in a muffled voice, "Are you looking for someone's name?" "Ye Kai." Wang Bo quickly reported his name, and then he explained, "He was kidnapped, and we want to know where he is now." "The eight characters of the birthday?" The old man of Tianji Gate closed his eyes and pinched his fingers together to calculate. "Uh!" Wang Bo froze, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, "old man, do you still want the eight characters of your birthday?" "Bullshit, you really think that all the people in Tianjimen are immortals!" The old man opened his eyes again and said angrily, "There are many people called Ye Kai in the world. I know which one is the old man!" Lu Jialin was not satisfied with the old man's attitude. He glanced at him and said, "Hey!"! Old man, we have a fair deal. Can you stop being so arrogant! We don't owe you money? The old man ignored her and still looked at Wang Bo and asked, "Eight characters of your birthday?" Wang Bogan smiled and turned to ask, "Lu Jialin, I remember the first time White Dew saw Ye Kai, he seemed to say the date of his birth. Do you remember?" Lu Jialin raised his eyelids and thought: "June 7, 1990." The old man snorted and pinched his fingers to deduce. Wang Bo two people quietly in the side, also do not disturb him. Moments later, the old man's eyebrows twisted together. He looked up at Wang Bo and sneered, "Wang Bo, you didn't make fun of the old man, did you?" Wang Bo is confused: "How to say?"? Something happened to Ye Kai? The old man glared at him, tossed his sleeve and said, "The Ye Kai you mentioned died a month after he was born." "What!"! Impossible. Cried Wang Bo. He shook his head and said with a smile, "Grandpa, you must have miscalculated. He was kidnapped yesterday afternoon and recognized his biological mother the day before yesterday. How could he die early?"? You must have miscalculated, or you can calculate it again. The old man sneered again and again and said slowly, "According to the time of birth and the name you mentioned, you won't go wrong.". If even this point can be mistaken, it deserves to be called a thorough understanding of the secret. Wang Bo raised his eyebrows and asked, "Lu Jialin, could it be that you misremembered the time of birth?" Lu Jialin recalled carefully and nodded affirmatively: "It was only one day later. I won't be wrong. I remember that White Dew said at that time that there was a mole the size of a mung bean on the inside of his left thigh.".
” Over there, the old man's expression changed greatly and he said excitedly, "Are you saying that there is a mole the size of a green bean on the inside of his left thigh?" Lu Jialin nodded and said, "Yes!"! That's what his mother said. Wang Bo also echoed: "Yes, look at the appearance of Ye Kai at that time, this matter should also be true." As soon as the old man's expression tightened, he began to calculate again. After a while, his expression gradually became cautious: "Wang Bo, do you have any old things from Ye Kai?"? I may be able to calculate his whereabouts from his belongings. "Old things?" Wang Bo thought about it and took out a few hundred yuan bills from his pocket. "Does this count?"? He lent it to me. The old man shook his head. "Money is a thing in circulation. It cannot be used to calculate a person's fate." "Then we can only go to his hometown." Wang Bo shrugged and said, "Let's go. It's not far from here anyway." An hour later, the three of them returned to Ye Kai's old house, which was still so shabby. The house was full of waste products. Standing in the middle of the waste products, Old Zhou carefully groped for everything in the room. Every time he changed something, he frowned. After a long time, he suddenly sighed: "Wang Bo, I can't help you with this!"! You can help yourself, and you don't have to bother Miss Lu to cure my brother's leg! With these words, he turned and left. The posture was clearly to run away. Hello! What do you mean, old man? Are you playing with us? Annoyed, Lu Jialin unsheathed his sword and jumped insolently in front of the old man's neck. "Don't go until you make it clear!" Wang Bo saw that the old man seemed to have something to hide. He also turned to the old man and said, "Grandpa,stainless steel welded pipe, do you have any difficulties that you can't tell me face to face?"! We promise not to say anything about today. Not yet. He paused, "what a big thing, it's worth you to take Xue Tao's leg." He was also angry at the old man's behavior.
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