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Lord of Secrecy (12th Dec 22 at 12:18am UTC)
Lord of Secrecy
"This is an architectural style of the early Quaternary period, which is recorded in the books of the Storm Church. It is said that at that time, the major churches widely used similar shapes to build churches." Alger was impressed by the ruins. Over the years, he had read many books and grasped certain information. "Its greatest feature is that the upper temple and the lower tomb are unified with life and death. However, I am not sure that the interior of the ancient church is the same as what I described, because I have not gone deep into it." This may be an architectural style left over from the Third Age. Crane made a certain guess, and then went to the unusually tall ruins of the ancient church in the doorway, leaving the lantern behind, enjoying only the light, not the flame. The two men soon followed the exaggerated gray-white stone steps to the doorway and saw the remaining classical stone pillars and concentric multi-storey arches inside. Crane didn't rush in. He reached into his pocket with his left hand, took out a gold coin, and let it flip and jump between his fingers, as if he were saying something. Suddenly, he clanged the gold coin, spread out his palms and waited for the other side to fall, and turned his head to the "upside down man": "On what basis do you judge that there are objects in the depths of this church that are no less valuable than the'blasphemy card '?" After saying that, he looked at the gold coin that had fallen to the palm of his hand and put it away casually. Alger pointed to the inside: "As I said,heavy duty cantilever racks, I was not as strong as Zillingus at that time, and I was not as deep as him. I could not know what he had seen. I could only judge from some of his words that there were very precious and important things in it, and it was only possible to get at least the level of the real sequence 5." However, the murals near the entrance and the traces on the ground may explain some problems. Crane nodded and walked into the deep doorway where the crimson moonlight could not shine directly, his black windbreaker slightly backward, followed by Alger with a lantern and a short blade. Through the doorway, Crane saw clearly in front of him a deep hall with the help of the red moon falling from the breach of the dome,industrial racking systems, and half of the classical stone pillars supporting it had collapsed and broken. It did not end with an altar, nor did it have a staircase to go up, it was dark, it was hard to see the details, and it seemed to be deep underground. Not the upper temple and the lower tomb. The temple and the tomb are underground? Can't judge, must go down to know. Crane unconsciously glanced left and right and saw that there was a side door on each side, but the area they led to had completely collapsed and there was no way out. The murals near the entrance and the traces on the ground. Remembering the words of the "hanging man" just now, he took two steps obliquely, released the invisible "resentful soul" Seniol, and with his night vision, looked at the remaining murals on the wall. The background of the mural is a towering and magnificent mountain peak, with a huge cross covered with layers of brilliance at the top. In front of the cross stood a majestic figure, industrial racking systems ,teardrop pallet racking, surrounded by angels with wings, four wings and six wings on their backs. This Crane took only a cursory glance, and there was a strong sense of familiarity. He had seen similar murals in the mausoleum of the "blasphemer" Amon! Looking again, Crane quickly found out the difference. There were no two babies representing Amon and Adam, no twelve-winged angels, and the majestic figure in front of the cross, covered with divine light, was holding an ancient and simple stone slab in his hands on his chest. The slate was painted very vaguely, but it had a feeling of being both old and young, sacred and evil, and its meaning was extremely contradictory. Slate. Crane's pupils dilated slightly, and a proper noun flashed through his mind: "Blasphemy Slate"! This should be the ancient sun God, the creator of all things worshipped by Silver City. Sure enough, the "blasphemy slate" is closely related to him. I don't know if this is the first "blasphemy slate" or the second one. Crane had a rough idea of who the church belonged to and began to believe that there might be something precious and important hidden in the depths of the ruins. He withdrew Seniol's gaze and turned the "secret puppet" to the ground.
In addition to the cracks, there were some strange marks on the stone slabs, which were dark red, the size of human foreheads, overlapping from time to time, and extended to the end of the hall. At this moment, Crane naturally imagined a scene in his mind: A devout believer crawled on the ground, crawling forward, and every distance he walked, he hit the ground heavily with his forehead, and blood came out. See Gelman. Sparrow's eyes turned No longer looking, Alger asked tentatively:. "The ancient sun God?" At the same time, he inexplicably felt that gelman. There was a cold wind blowing from Sparrow's side. Suspect that there are shadows or spirits lurking around. Thinking of the strange control of the mutant curly baboon, Alger vaguely guessed something, but did not say it. Hearing the question of "hanging upside down", Crane wanted to laugh and reply, "You can also call him the creator of all things, the omniscient and omnipotent God", but immediately realized that the tone and words were closer to "fool" than Gelman. Sparrow Then restrained himself, just slightly nodded and said: "It's not hard to see." Alger breathed a silent sigh of relief and looked forward to the object buried in the depths of the church. The two men made a decision at the same time and went to the end of the hall together. When he got close, Crane finally saw clearly that there were steps going down. Underground area? He asked tersely. Alger shook his head and said: "I'm not sure. I didn't go down there." Although Zillingus tried to go deep, he came back here in less than ten minutes, and his breath became quite weak. Crane nodded thoughtfully and said casually: "You seem to know him well." If someone else said so, Alger certainly did not hear it and did not respond positively, but in his heart, "the world" Gelman. Sparrow is "Fools" of the family, his question may represent the meaning of that existence,medium duty racking, must be treated with caution. After a few seconds of deliberation, Alger said in a low voice: "He and I were from the same town, and were servants in the same chapel.".
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