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Prince of the prehistoric heaven (12th Dec 22 at 12:15am UTC)
Prince of the prehistoric heaven
On one side, Zhang Zilong resigned from the master in the early years, with Sanxiao, Xuannu returned to Ziwei Fairy Island, while Yang Jian and yuan Hong were naturally thrown to Jiang Ziya by him, facing the existence of this pair of seemingly gay friends every day, Prince Ye Zhunsheng Xiuwei could not calm down.. Now Zhang Zilong only felt that he was really broken, a lot of trouble around him, fortunately, his prince has the magic of Fen Shen, crape myrtle is now trying to help Haotian guard against invasion, Yedu Ghost Emperor is busy taking over the local judge after leaving, looking for a new judge candidate. Xuan yuan. Tragically, the three emperors were also banned. Who let these three happen to be disciples? Can only stuffy in the fire cloud hole landlords … I said.. Ge Lan, what do you think of your master's life? Zhang Zilong, who had some feelings, asked softly about the beautiful little snake like an emerald beside him. Ge Lan picked up a flat peach and ate it in a few mouthfuls. Hearing this, he rolled his eyes and said, "You have become a man of virtue. For thousands of generations, you have unified the flood and famine.." The voice is crisp and tight, crisp and tight. Since Zhang Zilong knew that Gelan had recovered her memory, he wanted her to turn into her own human body many times. Unfortunately, Gelan understood the character of her master very well. Naturally, she would rather die than surrender. She tried many times without success. Zhang Zilong could only cry out in vain and shout out pity. I said, this prince is not the East is invincible.. Zhang Zilong speechless, since to this group of idle boring work about Jin Yong martial arts a dragon, he is often so ridiculed, saying that even if there is a version of the East Invincible, it is also Yang Jian this guy? Why him? The answer is very simple,Dissolved Gas Flotation, Yang Jian is not as powerful as Zhang Zilong. "Forget it.." How long will the demon come out? Can you feel it? Ge Lan stretched out a lovely little lazy waist, smashed it, smashed it and said: "Soon, the time in heaven is five days, and the time in the world is five years.." Well, then hurry up.. Five years to unify the world, Zhou Yali Mountain is big! (Continue the fourth watch … ..) [Text Chapter 36 Unparalleled Loyalty and Righteousness Wen Taishi (Fourth Watch)] (' Facts have proved that sometimes there will be accidents, such as: accidental pregnancy, accidental car crash, accidental crossing … Of course,multi disc screw press, the flood and famine also have accidents, that is, miscalculation … The song obviously did not accurately predict the time when Satan broke the cage, this is not, the human world week has just been divided into two groups, by Ji Fa and Jiang Ziya respectively against Tianzhu and Chaoge, the catastrophe of heaven also began. [.br/> The first line of defense in Heaven is the Cloud Palace, where millions of heavenly soldiers and generals, led by the Barefoot Immortal, strictly guard the way from the cage of heaven and earth to the core Lingxiao Hall. The gloomy atmosphere of heaven and earth, which has remained unchanged for thousands of years, tortures the spirits of these miscellaneous heavenly soldiers all the time. However, with their worship of Haotian, they are strong guards at their posts. Suddenly, a heavenly soldier cries out in horror: "Look!"! Look over there! Countless heavenly soldiers looked ahead, only to see the huge iron tower hidden in the endless black clouds, collapsed, several huge chains falling from the sky also collapsed inch by inch, broken into powder, followed by a wave of evil gas flooding heaven and earth, disc air diffuser ,rapid sand filters, with the collapse of the cage of heaven and earth, countless figures rushed out of it, led by Satan, and his new twelve quasi-saints! Quack! Honghuang, the Demon God is coming! Satan's cold voice resounded through every corner of heaven. The gods gathered in the Lingxiao Hall were in a mess, and the royal families sitting on the clouds, such as Haotian and Yaochi, as well as the seven fairies, Chang'e and Yao Ji, were startled by the voice of infinite resentment. Haotian instantly sacrificed the Haotian Mirror, and everything in the Cloud Palace appeared in front of everyone. But all the gods who saw this scene were silent, leaving only two words in their hearts: slaughter! Yes, the heavenly soldiers guarding the first palace, besides the barefoot immortals, the other highest ones are only Taiyi Xuanxian, which is similar to the prisoners slaughtered by Satan's army in the first world. They are just appetizers, and they can't stop the first wave of the devil's army.
However, although know is a moth to the fire, these heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals, still desperate resistance, do not flinch, many people are not afraid of death rushed to the devil legion, self-explosion death, is dead, also want to take away a cushion! "Good!" With a dignified roar, Haotian saw the first self-exploding heavenly soldier, and others followed suit. For a time, the cloud palace became a test explosion base. Fairy mushroom clouds could be seen everywhere, but they caused a lot of damage to the huge demon legion. You deserve to be my heavenly son. The Jade Pool also smiled with tears, and the gods nodded repeatedly, dispelling everyone's fear of intruders for a time. Chang'e, sitting among the women, was thinking of another place-Taiyanggong! Taiyanggong as the most elite heaven, the tightest defensive place, nature was placed before Lingxiao temple, as the last line of defense of the battle, there, there are crape myrtle emperor, and hundreds of princes, although the number is small, but each is strong, Jinxian soldiers can be seen everywhere. Of course, the most reassuring is the existence of the crape myrtle emperor, although the crape myrtle because at the same time to defend the sky outside the sky demon clan, and can not use Zhou Tianxingdou big array and star army, but he himself is sub-holy level strong, in this saint can not hand, prince Ye into the moment, he is heaven in addition to Haotian, the strongest person! "Husband, you have to come back quickly." Chang'e silently talked about Zhang Zilong, who was far away from home. Taiyanggong, the crape myrtle emperor forcefully transferred the palace with the true fire of the sun from the sun star to the thirty-three days, which was very easy for him as the emperor of the stars of Zhou Tian. Emperor. The first palace sent the cloud palace to fall.. Ever since he learned that the Demon God had broken out of the tower, all the guards in heaven had been in operation, and in just a few hours, the Cloud Palace had become a ruin. As a natural shrine from the birth of heaven, it itself has a powerful array, but can not stop the demon army of this matter, we have long known. Millions of troops in the whole palace, only one person fled back to the Barefoot Immortal, which is lamentable. The crape myrtle's long lilac hair is scattered behind her back,rotary vacuum disc filters, and she is wearing the acquired treasure, the star armor, which has been made with the power of the stars over the years.
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