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Disciple of Liu Canyang Evil God (9th Dec 22 at 6:56am UTC)
Disciple of Liu Canyang Evil God
Looking doubtfully at the left side of the field, under a raised slope. Under this slope, there is a small forest. Grass outside the forest, but a little bit of blood, intermittent dripping into the forest. At this time, Jiang Qing stopped her horse slowly, and her eyes were fixed on the woods. Seeing this, Xia Hui also turned her eyes strangely. At this moment, Jiang Qing said in a low voice: "Miss Xia, there is something strange in the forest at the foot of the slope. Please wait a moment and let me go and have a look." Xia Huitan opened her mouth slightly, as if she wanted to say something. As soon as Jiang Qingwei waved his hand, his arms fluttered, and he was already floating in the air. He made a slight swing in the air and shot straight down the slope. This little spot of red blood, as if it had just dripped under the grass, was still wet at the moment. Jiang Qing's figure began to fall, and she looked around carefully. But at this moment, the wind is rustling at the top of the forest. Besides, there was silence all around, not even a figure. Jiang Qing said in a deep voice, "Is there anyone in the forest?"? Please come and see me! He said two things in succession, but in this small forest, there was still silence and no echo. Jiang Qing hesitated a little in her heart and started briskly to Lin Nei Xing. At this moment, apart from a slight rustling sound in the woods, there was only the rustling sound of Jiang Qing's footsteps on the grass. There was a strange silence,S Adenosyl Methionine, and with the red blood stains on the ground, the atmosphere was suddenly dull and tense. Jiang Qing walked a few steps and was about to look behind a big tree when she suddenly felt a strong wind behind her. The disease of oncoming force is like lightning and thunder. Jiang Qing was startled, and in the midst of a half-spin, the "sudden rise and fall" in the seven-spin chop technique was suddenly used. The force of the palm gushed out, and with a loud bang, Jiang Qing's figure was shaken. The thing that came was also blown up by the strong wind of the palm. Jiang Qing opened her eyes angrily and was about to ask. The thing that had been shaken off gave another sharp whine and shot at Jiang Qing's chest. The oncoming force of this thing is so wonderful that it flashes so quickly that people don't know where it wants to attack, and it's impossible to defend against it. Jiang Qing was suddenly furious, and with a sharp snap, she was already flying up like a swallow. In the whirl,Theobromine Powder, the force is surging like a landslide, which is extremely frightening. This is seven spin palm, the most fierce one move "spin heart and soul". But heard a hoarse cry of surprise, from twenty feet away, the attack of things, has been the long offshore island of Juexue call fly, with a sharp roar, sneer deep into a tree trunk. Only then did Jiang Qing see clearly that the object that had come was a black flying mallet as big as an iron mallet, sharp in front and wide in back. Behind the hammer, there was a long gray shining rope. His eyes quickly looked at the place where the cry came, and he saw a man with unkempt hair and dirty body lying flat in the grass. At this time, the big fellow was staring at Jiang Qing in amazement with a pair of shining eyes. Double palm tiger's mouth, oneself Jin Jin emerges blood. Jiang Qing strode forward and asked coldly, "Who are you?"? Why don't ask indiscriminately, then suddenly under this vicious hand, today if for others, D BHB Factory ,Heme Iron Polypeptide, not already lost under your broken hammer! The big slovenly fellow suddenly gave a loud shout and shouted, "Shut up!"! Lao Tzu's Jiaosuo Flying Hammer, a friend on the ground of the two lakes, who won't give up three points when he sees it? "You are a boy who talks nonsense with red lips and white teeth and dares to call it a broken mallet." Jiang Qing could not help but get angry. He took another step forward and shouted, "It doesn't matter whether you are a flying mallet or a broken mallet!"! But I want to ask, why do you have no quarrel with me, but such a sudden attack? The slovenly man, whose hair and beard were twisted together, struggled to support his body and said angrily, "How do I know you're not with the white horse and the red silk?"? You are so sneaky into the forest, I naturally want to be on guard, strike first! As soon as Jiang Qing saw that the man in front of him, who could not see his age clearly, was so unreasonable, he was so angry that he just gnashed his teeth, but refused to do anything. Because, by this time, he had seen that the right leg of this dirty man had already been rolled up with blood dripping, and the scar was so deep that the leg bone could be seen faintly. Jiang Qing is a very bright and honest person, and he never wants to take advantage of others when they are in trouble.
Then Jiang Qing gave a heavy snort and said, "I don't want to waste my breath with you. Today, for the sake of your serious injury, I won't argue with you for the time being." With that, he strode back. It's stupid. "You come back, boy, you come back," cried the man. "I have a knife hole all over my body today, and I don't need your pity." Jiang Qing suddenly turned around and looked at the man coldly. The slovenly man thought he had spoken too hastily, but by this time he was panting and flushed. "Come on!" He shouted again! If you have the guts, come and fight with the old man for three hundred strokes! Jiang Qing smiled contemptuously and said sarcastically, "What do you use to fight with Xiao Ke?"? With the palm? Or with legs? At this time, he was angry and amused, but at the same time he had a slight affection for the rough and stubborn man. At this point, the big fellow smell speech, slightly stunned. Only then did he remember that the flying mallet in his hand had just been shaken by the young man in front of him with a very strange and sharp move, which was deeply embedded in the trunk. At this moment, his right leg was so painful that he could not move at all. It was not easy for him to stand up, let alone jump into the palm of his hand. He hesitated for a moment, then said angrily, "Good!"! OK! Boy, you have a sharp tongue. I, Jiao Suo Fei Mallet Yue Yang, have been in Jianghu for twenty years. First I was planted in the hands of those two little bastards like White Horse and Red Silk, and then I was killed by you.. This boy's palm, good, good. By the end of his speech, he was too angry to speak, and he just kept saying "good". Before Jiang Qing, she also vaguely remembered hearing the name of Jiaosuo Flying Hammer, but her impression was extremely vague. "Now that your excellency has fallen," he said to himself, "what's the matter with you?" The slovenly man stared, then sighed and said in a deep voice,L Methylfolate Factory, "Boy, do you know that white horse and red silk?" Jiang Qing shook her head slightly and said, "I've never heard of that name." 。
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