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The Holy King (9th Dec 22 at 6:56am UTC)
The Holy King
"Unexpectedly, the sun and the moon shuttled back and forth, the world changed, in this ancient paradise, a person appeared again, I have not seen anyone for a long time." The Lord of Kendo looked at Yang Qi, still looking down and out. At this time, Yang Qi gradually stabilized the power of the jade fragments of the sage, making his thinking condense into a piece of King Kong. His thinking was stable, and his cultivation was improved again. A large amount of ancient heaven energy was transmitted from his body. At the same time, in his body, in the depths of the pure land of the gods, a king of gods roared and galloped, opening up a transport array, directly into the empire of the Great Sage King, and his luck rolled in and blessed his body. After the number of sage-king consuls reached 50 million, the entire empire was completely stabilized. The speed of integration of the two empires was accelerated, climbing steadily, and had begun to take shape. It had almost reached the level of the invincible Dynasty, half of the Great Thousand Dynasty. This was still a preliminary force, and the development was continuing. After three years and five years, it was not a problem to reach the scale of 78% of the two Dynasties. This speed, in the history of the divine world, basically does not exist. In addition, this is not a hidden scale, if Yang Qi put two hundred surrender marshal and Yang chaos, Dugu state to join them, then the whole empire's luck is completely different, in a short period of time and the two empires is absolutely not a problem. Therefore,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, Yang Qi, who has blessed Qi Yun, will never be afraid that the Lord of Kendo will kill himself. Lord of Kendo, why did you attack me? I'm just looking for treasure in the ancient paradise. Yang Qi did not dare to act rashly and asked the Lord of Kendo. You have the mark of the gods on your body, which can help me leave the ancient heaven. This is the bronze temple, which was destroyed by the jade of the sage. I can settle down here, but if I go out, I will be besieged by countless ancient heaven. I don't know where I am. The Lord of Kendo was still lonely and said, "Mark of the Gods, do you think this reason is enough?" "Sufficient." Yang Qi nodded his head and said, "For the sake of the mark of the gods,Quillaja Saponin, the whole divine world can bleed like a river in an instant. You can kill your father and your son, and you can exterminate the world. This is a very good reason. But Lord of Kendo, although you are overbearing, you can't kill me." "Yes, I can't kill you." The Master of Kendo said, "You can actually coexist the seal of the gods and the jade of the sages. Moreover, you have the blood of the king of gods, the king of godhood. Behind you, you have built a huge empire. Your luck is linked with you, which makes you speak with gold and jade in your mouth. I am alone and have no empire. I am congenitally deficient and can't deal with you." The Lord of Kendo still looked lonely, like a wanderer who had left his hometown and could never go back, but he saw through all Yang Qi's capital, as if Yang Qi had nothing to hide from him. Yang Qi was secretly surprised, but he could not see through this person's cultivation, but he absolutely knew that this person's spiritual scale had reached the realm of hundreds of billions, the spiritual scale of hundreds of billions of realms gathered together, slowly making him enter a state of nihility. Because the other side of the kendo hand, even their own can not detect, it can be said for sure, this person's mental state of unlimited close to the realm of half a step, Glucono Delta Lactone ,Thyroid Powder Factory, this is the most terrible, Yang Qi's thinking now a strafe, even if people in any time and space to attack him can be completely detected, but the Lord of kendo attack he can not detect. In this battle, the Lord of Kendo could not kill him, but he could not attack the Lord of Kendo. Such a state is too terrible. Lord of Kendo, what do you want to do now? If possible, how about I take you to the divine world? We share the treasures of this ancient paradise? We build a huge empire? My empire, hire you as the supreme and invincible elder, you can enjoy the luck, do nothing, just sit in the empire. Yang Qidao. He is now starting to woo the Lord of kendo. Like such a master, itself contains extremely huge luck, once arrived in the empire, the empire is really stable, what invincible door Lao Zu, Ao Tian, Yang Xuyi, Yang Daqian are no problem.
What Yang Qi is afraid of now is the person who is really the strongest and whose spiritual scale exceeds 100 billion. For example, Yang Daqian, Yang Xuyi and Ao Tian. There are also the nine patriarchs of the Dugu family. Although it is impossible for all the nine patriarchs to be more than 100 billion people, there are definitely one or two of them who have more than 100 billion spiritual scales, and none of the others are inferior to him. These characters are too horrible, like a big killer, can be devastating to the empire, but do not want to use it. Now, there is no big killer in Yang Qi's empire, he is not, it is difficult to attack the enemy, deter the enemy, if you can have a master of kendo, it immediately reversed, announced out, the three empires dare not attack themselves at the same time, they can feel at ease to develop, empty the ancient paradise one by one, strengthen the luck at the same time, beyond the three empires, Make a whale swallow. Nope The Lord of Kendo looked at Yang Qi. "Do you want to win me over?"? Can't do it, the mark of the gods is the existence I hate most, when the supreme master practiced the mark of the gods, I control, life and death are in his mind, even thinking is supervised by him, this kind of taste is simply life is worse than death, I cooperate with you, help you suppress the empire, your empire is getting bigger and bigger, and finally get the wealth of ancient heaven, you are the second master, when the time comes. The seal of the gods has brought me down again, and I have thrown myself into the trap. "I promise not." Yang Qilian hurriedly said. I only believe in my own sword, will not believe anyone's assurance, even if the supreme master resurrection, he assured me, I am also disdainful, let alone you? The Lord of Kendo said simply that it was impossible to cooperate with Yang Qi. Yang Qi can hear the determination in this person's heart, to this extent of the strong, he knows that it is a waste of words to say more, in fact, if he is the Lord of Kendo, he will never cooperate with himself, the mark of the gods is too dangerous, help Yang Qi grow,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, maybe when he is really surrendered, Yang Qi this kind of character, only try to strangle him in the cradle.
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