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Wudang system (8th Dec 22 at 12:39am UTC)
Still sliding, Fang Lin came to Lei yuan step by step, two palms one after the other, in a cross shape, directly roaring Lei yuan's chest! Lei yuan's fists resisted, but as if he had met two days of ice and fire, you know, hot and cold, even steel will break, people can't stand it, Lei yuan only felt internal injuries in his chest, this is the third time he vomited blood! Forcing the Dayu Dynasty to vomit blood three times on the first day, Zhang Sanfeng's name will surely resound throughout the Dayu Dynasty in the future! Everything is not over, Fang Lin stepped in the air, using the ladder cloud vertical, he came to a place several feet high, Fang Lin's whole person as if lying in the sky, two palms were moving in an arc, slowly, two distinct palms seemed to merge in general, a powerful power spread in the sky. Indeed, whether it is Zhenshan Iron Palm or Mianzhang, it is not the top, but the combination of Yin and Yang, the power is infinite! A huge round palm strength fell from the sky, Lei yuan could not resist, in the circle kept being attacked in all directions! The inner strength of the circle seems to be formed by the rotation of two fish, one Yin and one Yang, which is the Yin and Yang fish! Fang Lin said in the air, "The fusion of Yin and Yang is what I call Tai Chi." Lei yuan, defeat! Chapter 92 Young Lord! [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: 2012-8-29 20:39:37 Words in this chapter: 3497 Collection recommendation Fang Lin floats in the air,x70 line pipe, like an immortal. The Tai Chi pattern below is full of abstruse breath. To tell the truth, Fang Lin doesn't know how to fuse. He just makes them into Tai Chi patterns. Indeed, the power is amazing. The so-called Tai Chi does not refer to anything else, but a kind of meaning, a kind of artistic conception of the fusion of Yin and Yang! Fang Lin looked down at the people below, put on a superior appearance, in fact, his heart in the sharp corner, because, this moment, the prestige value broke through twenty thousand,316l stainless steel pipe, this is only the prestige value brought by these people present, when the news spread throughout the Dayu Dynasty, the prestige is absolutely no less than one hundred thousand! That's a terrible number, isn't it? Fang Lin flew down, Lei yuan was unconscious at the moment, Fang Lin carried him on his back and handed him over to the people of Dayu Dynasty, which won everyone's praise, in fact, Lei yuan is also very suitable for Fang Lin's appetite, this friend, Fang Lin is also willing to make friends! Fang Lin handed his hand to everyone and flew away, because he was going back to the courtyard of the Holy Church to check the reward. You know, the so-called martial arts contest is a chance for geniuses to become famous. The situation of each match will be posted in each county to tell everyone who won. That is to say, soon, the reputation value will usher in a period of soaring. Of course, Fang Lin will rush back to his house and take a good look. Fang Lin went back to the house and looked at the jumping growth of the prestige value. Twenty-three thousand, twenty-five thousand. The more Fang Lin looked at it, the more excited he was. At this moment, he wanted to shout loudly. With these recommendations, Wudang could develop vigorously again. It was the first school in Hubei. The difficulty of this small task was still very great. Fang Lin hoped to meet the system requirements as soon as possible. When the prestige value reaches thirty thousand, it begins to stop growing. Fang Lin looked at him anxiously and asked, "Pangdun, 347 stainless steel ,a333 grade 6 pipe, what's the matter? Why isn't the prestige rising?" Fat Dun said: "According to common sense, the prestige value should also rise, because in any case, you have a super big limelight this time, then, there are only two explanations, one is that the news was blocked, did not spread out, the other is that it was overshadowed by others." Fang Lin was so anxious that he hurried out to investigate the situation. At this time, he saw that all the saints would come, and their faces were gloomy. Zhu Miaoxue said: "Now, only you and Kong Ya can continue to participate in the competition." Fang Lin was frightened, that is to say, today, Zhu Lingqi and Ji Yueyao were all defeated! With a sullen look on his face, the old man Guangming said, "Wu Tian and other five people have all been promoted, and the Dayu Dynasty, except Lei yuan, has all been promoted. Therefore, you and Kong Ya must have one leader to retain the majesty of my holy religion!" Fang Lin in the heart a Rin, it seems that there is a long way to go. But why is the prestige value covered up.
Guangming said, "Ji Yueyao and Zhu Ling were all defeated by Wu Tian and others, especially Wu Tian. He defeated Lin Liming, who was on a par with Lei yuan, and defeated the second genius of the Dayu Dynasty with one move!" Fang Lin secretly called a demon, this is too terrible, a move, defeat Lin Liming! So how strong is this Wu Tian! Fang Lin began to re-evaluate the difficulty of the martial arts conference, but Wu Tian was greeted by Fang Lin in his heart, and actually covered up his own limelight! Too ***ed up, seventy thousand prestige value, so lost in vain!!! However, this also just foreshadows one point, since Wu Tian is now in the limelight, then, as long as he is defeated, the prestige value will soar! However, the difficulty seems to be very big ah, a move to defeat Lin Liming, he can play Lei yuan is basically exhausted, even the integration of Mianzhang and Zhenshan are used out. Fang Lin glanced at Kong Ya, who said in a cold voice, "You and I are no match for him!" Fang Lin nodded, also do not know what to do, oneself and Kong Ya are almost the same, try one's best to be a little stronger than Kong Ya, Kong Ya said to be defeated, that must be defeated! Fang Lin thought for a while and then went back to the house. Everything had to find a solution. On the second day, Fang Lin's opponent was Linghu Dong. Linghu Dong was holding a long sword in his hand. He looked like a fool. When he saw Fang Lin coming up, he said, "Little Taoist, I'm no match for you. Forget it. I'll admit defeat." Fang Lin listened to a burst of astonishment, unexpectedly directly admit defeat, this person is also too what. "Shaoxia," said Fang Lin with a slight hand, "I've accepted." Linghu Dong smiled and said, "Actually, I'm just like this. Since I can't beat you, I won't feel uncomfortable.". It's almost time for me to go back to Huashan, or the younger martial sister will miss me, ha ha! With that, Linghu Dong flew away. Fang Lin smiled in his heart, and this man was quite interesting. However, after knowing his opponent tomorrow, Fang Lin's pupil shrank, no tears,x70 line pipe, defeated Zhu Miaoxue's no tears, look at the strength, only under the sky!.
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