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Reborn Ace Owl Wife (8th Dec 22 at 12:35am UTC)
Only in this way can we explain the source of the torment and pain she experienced before, and the spirit of immortal Qi is higher than that of Reiki. When immortal Qi first entered the body, she did not cultivate it. Immortal Qi is out of her control, but the spirit of immortal Qi is very high, and she can feel a person's obsession. At first, when she was in the cave, An Chenxi failed to pick up the small alchemy furnace. But at that time she really insisted on taking away the small alchemy furnace, her obsession made the immortal gas feel, the immortal gas was moved by the obsession of Chenxi, so it helped Chenxi pick up the alchemy furnace. Later, after meeting middle-aged people and others, she experienced a series of tortures. The survival obsession of Chenxi prompted the immortal Qi to retrograde the meridians over and over again, so that the blocked meridians dredged the first door. Only then did she get the opportunity to get rid of the magic spell that the waste spirit root could not practice, and step into the new door of practice. A thought flashed through an Chenxi's mind. An Chenxi stopped thinking. In order to verify her guess, she decided to try it right away. Taking a breath, An Chenxi endured the feeling of exhaustion. She tried to control the immortal Qi in her body. The immortal Qi did not go on a rampage. She obeyed her instructions and walked round and round in the meridians. After a while, An Chenxi entered the meditation stage. As An Chenxi gradually entered a state of meditation, the beads in her pocket suddenly trembled, and without taking them out, she automatically unzipped and jumped out of her pocket. The bead seemed to be very spiritual, out of the pocket, and did not stay away from an Chenxi, but around an Chenxi around a circle, and finally stopped at the top of an Chenxi's head, emitting purple gas, slowly rotating up. With the rotation of the beads,Small Geared Motors, soon an Chenxi's whole body was wrapped in purple gas, her body became flickering, after a burst of unpredictable, there was a pain as thin as ants gnawing, but this pain was nothing compared with the pain of washing the marrow and cutting the bone before, perhaps it had already experienced a sharp pain of sweating before, and now it seems that this pain is nothing in an Chenxi. Even in the end, there was a faint feeling of numbness in the pain. The numbness made the pain appear numb. An Chenxi, who had entered a state of selflessness,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, could not feel the pain at all at the moment. Through her spiritual consciousness, she found that besides the strengthening of the meridians in her body, the blood was also activated, the internal organs were detoxifying and glowing with new vitality, and the skin on her body was slowly changing. In fact, this body is really bad, not only the internal organs are weak, the meridians are blocked, the face is covered with small pustules, but also there are many red pimples of different sizes in other parts of the body. In general, it is beyond recognition and horrible. However, with the practice, the changes in the body can not be seen by the naked eye, but the changes in the surface of the skin can be seen by the naked eye, only to see those red pimples on the body like being pricked by needles, one by one all broken, outflow of congestion and pus, and those small pustules on the face gradually went down, Parallel Shaft Gearbox ,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, yellow pus flowed out, for a moment. When the pus and the pustule alternated, An Chenxi's face looked particularly horrible, but when the pus ran out and the pustule gradually scarred, the disfigured face slowly improved. Of course, it's just getting better. Now, the toxins and venom have just been discharged from the body, and there are dark scars on the face and body. Compared with the pustules on the face and the red pimples all over the body before, they have now turned into scars all over the body. By contrast, it's just a little less unappetizing than before, but because there are too many scars, it still looks very hot. In fact, in the initial discovery of this body is an ugly girl, an Chenxi heart is still very uncomfortable, after all, the previous life of the face value, intelligence quotient ability is online, suddenly reborn, in addition to her intelligence quotient is still online, face value and ability is both off the line, such a huge gap, let her heart is very depressed. In the short day of rebirth, especially after the crisis of life and death, An Chenxi suddenly saw through, in fact, to live again, nothing is important, as long as it is strong enough, strong enough to let her live unscrupulously from now on, this is enough, as for the face value, let nature take its course.
After all, for the time being, An Chenxi doesn't want her appearance to change dramatically immediately. First, it will make other people around her feel strange. Second, the immortal Qi in her body can only help her reach the level of the early stage of Qi refining. It is true that in the process of body skin transformation, An Chenxi itself has transformed from an ordinary person without magic power into a monk in the early stage of Qi refining, but she is somewhat different from the monk in the early stage of Qi refining, because the body is immortal Qi rather than Reiki, and other monks who practice with Reiki can not reach her level. Unless the monk of Mahayana Dzogchen, who also has immortal spirit in his body, can find out that An Chenxi is a monk, in the eyes of other monks, An Chenxi is just an ordinary person. Moreover, An Chenxi also found that, perhaps because of the reverse practice with immortal Qi, it was clear that the practice was only in the early stage of Qi refining, but An Chenxi found that the strength of her entire meridian was not comparable to that of other monks in the early stage of Qi refining. In other words, compared with the monks who practiced with Reiki, if she practiced at the same level, her magic power was higher than that of monks at the same level. In the past, she used Reiki to practice, but she used the reverse practice method of immortal Qi. Although she experienced more hardships than others, it was not without benefits. This masochistic practice rule could make her magic power higher than that of the same level, which also relieved the torture brought by this masochistic practice. Let the purple gas run in the body for another cycle, and the divine consciousness withdrew from the body. An Chenxi exhaled a breath of turbid gas and slowly opened his eyes. Although there was cultivation in the body, the torture suffered before was too deep,gear reduction motor, so now the fatigue on the body was not completely eliminated, but breathing was much smoother. An Chenxi exercised his muscles and bones, which was much lighter and more agile than before.
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