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Drunken Linglong (8th Dec 22 at 12:33am UTC)
Ye Tianling looked up and looked around the Long Night Palace. Then he gazed at her again and said in a low voice, "I just feel like I haven't seen you for years." He took her hand and put it on his heart. "It's empty here, with black faces and white faces, good and bad, without thinking about it.". The twelfth brother came back yesterday and went to the palace to have a big quarrel with me. He kept asking me what I was going to do, but I only had a wry smile. I think he's right. If I can't even tolerate you, I should wait to be a loner. The temperature of his heart came from the palm of his hand and turned into a warm current rippling. Qing Chen Xiu raised his eyebrows lightly and said, "This twelve, he dares to do this with you.". "The toffee is such a gentle person, and I don't know who he looks like." "Fortunately," said Ye Tianling, "he still dares. The seventh brother has been in the palace every day these days. He clearly has something to say, but he puts up with it again and again and never mentions it. Qing'er, now even you won't argue with me. I want my mother and father to be buried together. You don't agree, but you never tell me. As expected, Ye Tianzhan was still more sophisticated than the twelve, and it seemed that when she looked at him, he finally understood. Not only that, he may also be avoiding suspicion, regardless of the emperor's attitude to Mu Di or the queen's attitude, standing in his position, the more he says, the more likely it is to backfire. Qing Chen breathed a sigh of relief. She knew that Ye Tianling was now referring to Emperor Mu. She said softly, "It's not that I don't want to talk to you. I just think it's reasonable for you to do anything wrong.". Besides, even if everyone in the world says you are wrong,ultrasonic dispersing machine, I will be there to support you. Those ministers, we always have a way to make them regress. Ye Tian Ling was slightly moved, but her eyebrows did not stretch. After the funeral news came from Fuming Palace, he ordered the imperial study to be moved to Wutai Hall the next day. On the surface, he was indifferent. All the funerals were like ceremonies, but the feeling in his heart could not even be explained by himself. For a long time in his mind, the image of Mu Di was so vague that he could only see the records of some books in the Forbidden Living Notes. Asking for immortals, indulging in pleasure, neglecting state affairs, reusing consorts.. These did not leave any good impression on him,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, on the contrary, the past lessons of the Emperor of Heaven's love and blame were vivid in his mind. He even sometimes thought that if the Emperor of Heaven had ascended the throne a few years earlier, perhaps the situation in China would be much better than it is now. Funeral sacrifice, facing the high memorial tablets in the ancestral temple, he seemed to find that the man he had called his father for twenty-seven years was more like his father than the man who should be his father, so that he often wondered if his mother and grandmother had mistaken the truth of the matter. What do you think the mother would want in her heart about this? He suddenly lowered his head and asked Qing Chen. Qing Chen thought for a moment and said, "I think my mother hates the Emperor of Heaven, but she also has feelings for him. You and I can see how the Emperor of Heaven treats my mother.". Four elder brothers, you want to let the biological parents be buried together, this is naturally human nature, but if you are willing to help the mother and the Emperor of Heaven, is it not a filial piety? Ye Tianling's voice was like this deep and long night, deep and cool: "He is my enemy who killed my father." "Don't let hate get in the way of your heart." Qing Chen whispered, "This is what my mother asked me to tell you a long time ago." "Mother?" Ye Tianling looked up at the cold night, "Well, I hate him, so I want to use that way to seize the throne, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, I let him sick old palace, lonely and desolate." His eyes showed a trace of the pleasure of revenge, accompanied by the alternation of loneliness, a trace of heartache. He suddenly chuckled: "But he died, my heart will feel sad.". Don't you think it's funny? Qing Chen hugged him and said softly, "It's not funny, Fourth Brother. Twenty-seven years, father and son match each other. They hate him and respect him. They are all true to you. Why are you so clear?"? You just do what you want to do. You are the son of heaven, the emperor, a word of life and death, a hand to honor and disgrace, you can make ten thousand people cry, ten thousand people laugh, your hatred will make him nothing, but you can also give him a complete, as long as you want. Ye Tianling bent over and stared at her. Qing Chen's eyes were clear. "I hated him. I helped him. From then on, I made a clean break.".
The previous generation has passed, but we still have a long way to go. Should we stop here and keep pestering? The night sky Ling looked up and looked at the boundless night sky. The bright moon was clear, straight through the heart, like water floating and sinking. Everything suddenly so quiet down, many years of heart knot in the heart, always difficult to untie, the death of the Emperor of Heaven touched his deep emotions, but also like a sharp sword, can be cut on the knot. Yes, this is the end, the dead are gone, the living will go, will hate the hate, the return of the return, how many things are waiting for him to do? Fulfillment requires greater wisdom and courage than hatred. He suddenly smiled, with some self-mockery and a bit of free and easy, and suddenly sighed: "I was born by my parents, and I was known by my son." Qing Chen gently pursed his lips and looked at each other with a smile. The light of the moonlight reflected the shadows of the two men, slanting on the ground, silently overlapping. Night day Ling Mou bottom deep a bright, suddenly raised his hand to hold Qing Chen horizontally, strode to walk out. Qing Chen was startled. "What are you doing? Where are you going?" He shouted. "Go back to the bedroom," said Ye Tianling as he walked. "It's only been a few days," said Qing Chen. "You're going to make a fool of yourself. At least you have to sing a play to the end." Ye Tianling bowed his head and said, "I'm not going to sing this play. If I can't shake those ministers for so many days, I might as well abdicate.". Today, the twelve younger brothers plead for mercy and forgive you this time, but you look down on your husband and punish you to go back to Hanguang Palace to sleep.. "Who will go back to Hanguang Palace with you? I'll go to Tsinghua." Qing Chen clings to his neck, the sound falls, the moonlight flutters lightly like a dream, gradually far away gradually light. Forbidden Living Notes, Volume 7, Chapter 46, from the 112 days of Tiandu. Later when the emperor, the emperor moved to the long night palace, heavily claustrophobic, Chamberlain palace people are not close. The king of Li strived to be in front of the emperor, and Zhongshu ordered Feng Yan to write three chapters on the table, with the virtue of the latter, and the princes asked for pardon. The emperor had a feeling and returned to the Hanguang Palace after meeting him. Fu Enjia. In December,ultrasonic cutting machine, he moved to the Eastern Tomb with Empress Dowager Hui and was buried with the Emperor of Heaven. Gently sprinkled a night of light snow, decorated the solemn and magnificent imperial palace, another year of autumn to winter.
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