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Cubicle Woman (Book Edition) (8th Dec 22 at 12:21am UTC)
In this way, Tan Bin also realized that he did have a bit of a gaffe, it seems that from the previous day's preparatory meeting, the whole person has always been in a state of confusion and excitement. Twice in one day, her emotional intelligence dropped all the way, and this abnormal phenomenon immediately made her alert. Verse 41: Cubicle Woman (41) "Don't you usually specialize in not showing your emotions?"? Look, the black line on this face can be seen clearly from two hundred meters away. Tan Bin spread out his hands and said helplessly, "I don't know what's going on. At that time, I felt an evil fire in my heart. It was like a firecracker being lit. It exploded with a bang. I couldn't stop it." "Have you had a bad day recently?" "You say I'm angry?" Tan Bin thought about it carefully and shook his head. "I was a little unhappy yesterday, but not yet. I've been paying attention to not bringing negative emotions home." "That's early menopause?" "Get out of here!" "Oh, don't get angry even if you poke a sore spot!" Wen Xiaohui grinned, "that leaves only one possibility. Do you have someone else in your heart?" "The more you say, the more ridiculous you are. No." Tan Bin immediately denied it, but his voice was not as loud as it had just been. Because Wen Xiaohui's voice did not fall, the first thing that jumped out of her mind was Cheng Ruimin's name. Absurd, Tan Bin said to himself, where to follow where ah,faux ficus tree, what daydreaming? Wen Xiaohui lit her forehead and said, "Lie. Look at your body language. Your eyes are twinkling and your eyeballs are rolling. What is this if not a guilty conscience?" "Hey, I said, Comrade Wen Xiaohui, can you be serious?"? I'm talking about a rather serious issue here. "Okay, let's be serious." Curled up in the sofa,Faux cherry blossom tree, Wen Xiaohui sat up straight. "Then I ask you, you said a long time ago that Shen Pei was afraid of getting married.". Then why do you keep hanging out with him? Tan Bin turned over the magazine in his hand at random and did not answer. I'm asking you. Every time it comes to the point, you don't say anything. Tan Bin still did not speak, got up and went to the French window of the living room, opened the window sash, and lit a cigarette against the wind. The last light of the summer evening made a thin silhouette of her figure. Wen Xiaohui looked at her back and shook her head gently. Tan Bin just smokes in a stuffy way. After a while, he said ferociously, "You don't have to be that Freud.". Am I overestimating myself? I thought I was loved by everyone. There was no man who couldn't handle it. I thought I could influence him successfully. I thought the man I favored would be grateful and kneel down to propose marriage. I didn't expect that in the end, my fragile self-esteem would be seriously hurt.. Wen Xiaohui burst out laughing and went over to take her shoulder. "Tan Bin, do you remember the college dance?"? How awesome we were at that time, and the ordinary boys didn't look at each other. "Well, yes, fake ficus tree ,silk olive tree, I still remember that boys under 1.75 meters are called square root three." Wen Xiaohui laughed and asked Tan Bin for a cigarette for the first time. In the past, she was afraid of hurting her skin and never smoked. Tan Bin looked at her doubtfully and picked up the lighter to light it for her. The first puff of smoke made her cough and tears flow out. Wen Xiaohui wiped away her tears, took another breath, and then took a flat breath and said, "At that time, I watched Jin Lao's martial arts. I liked Qiao Feng and Linghu Chong. Who do you like? Can you remember?" Tan Bin immediately squinted, "want to laugh at me again?"? I just like Chen Jialuo. I just like a half-hearted playboy. What's wrong? "Shh, shh, shh. Calm down. Look at you now. You jump as soon as you touch it. How can you have the bearing of a director?" "It's all for your stimulation." "Dear, don't you find that the type you like is a man who is innocent, gentle and gentle, and all his worries are buried in his heart?" Tan Bin's heart suddenly jumped: "So what?" "So I've always wondered how you could walk with Shen Pei for such a long time." Tan Bin calmed down and kept silent for a long time, saying: "Shen Pei has the advantages of Shen Pei, and it is easier to be with him.". He has no demands on himself, nor will he put any pressure on his peers, nor will he play tricks with me.
" "Tan Bin, this kind of thing, outsiders, you can only be a reference, the decision is in your own hands.". But in my experience, when a man says he doesn't want to get married, all his messy reasons can be ignored. Ninety percent of them can't escape two reasons. Either he doesn't think the woman is good enough for him, or he wants to avoid responsibility and commitment. In my opinion, your Shen Pei is very much like the second kind. "It's too profound to understand." Wen Xiaohui lifted her leg and kicked her. "Then listen carefully. Your understanding of men is basically a blank sheet of paper.". Why are they running away? Because he feels that he is not strong enough or good enough, he may not be able to give you what you want. He feels too much pressure. In order to avoid failure and maintain their poor self-esteem, he has to retreat to show that he doesn't care at all. Do you understand? Tan Bin disagreed, "I don't have any requirements for him, he has a fart pressure!" Verse 42: Cubicle Woman (42) That's the question. Why didn't you ask for it? Because you can solve it by yourself. Look at you. You have a house and a car, and you drag two hundred and fifty thousand or eighty thousand. You are crying and laughing. Ordinary men don't dare to lean on you. Tan Bin turned his head sideways and smiled, "Xiaohui, we have known each other for so many years, and I think you are the most reliable speaker this time." "Humph!" Wen Xiaohui rolled her eyes and curled her lips. Holding back a laugh, Tan Bin asked, "What's the reason for the last ten percent?" "He was viciously stimulated in his childhood, and there were no adults around him to set an example of a normal marriage." "Well, that makes sense.". So, man expert, tell me what to do now. "I don't want to get involved in your business.". You make your own trade-offs. "What a lack of loyalty." Wen Xiaohui was still looking up at the window,large artificial blossom trees, not knowing what she was thinking. After a while, she said, "Men are just like that. There is no such story of unswerving love these days. We really can't get together. We can't hang ourselves on a rope as soon as possible." Tan Bin is not in a position to express any opinion.
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