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Super Dream System _ 20200215155401 (1st Dec 22 at 1:41am UTC)
Moreover, he also took the ordinary computer, personally attacked the little bear guard computer, the result did not exceed a second, was the little guy to get the American triangle building, if not, his hacker level has reached the top of the world, I am afraid, it will really lead to a lot of trouble. Da, da, da.. Ye Tao's slender fingers drew a phantom and began to tap rapidly on the black keyboard, and the data on the screen flashed as if it were crazy. Soon after, in a room in the information center of the National Security Bureau in Beijing. Xie Dongshan, one of the technicians sitting in front of the computer, was browsing the web page, only to see a flash on the screen, a strange purple pattern texture pattern appeared, then, the texture pattern like a flash in the pan, disappeared in an instant, a dialog box jumped out of the screen, and a line of words appeared in the upper part of the dialog box. I am the Phantom. Ask your highest official here to come and talk to me. The Phantom?! How is that possible? Looking at the words in the dialog box, Xie Dongshan jumped up from his chair and shouted with a shocked face. This phantom, known by almost everyone in the hacker community, has more than once entered the important departments of the United States and other countries and left a name,side impact door beams, but no one can track the real IP address of the latter. The United States and other countries have issued a reward of up to $35 million in private, fearing that their country's scientific and technological information will be leaked, but so far nothing has been found. The latter has also become a well-deserved king nowadays, and is worshipped by many hackers. The only good thing is that the Phantom has never invaded China's network, nor has it leaked information from other countries, but even so, those countries that have been invaded and those that have not been invaded are like frightened birds, always worried, afraid that the Phantom will either sell the information or come several times on a whim. The latest and fastest chapter,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, please visit the [Qishu. Net] Reading is a kind of enjoyment. I suggest you collect it. Chapter 167 of the main text. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: March 26, 2012 11:28:23 Words in this chapter: 5430 At the same time, the others heard Xie Dongshan's exclamation slightly stupefied, all hurried up, and then rushed to Xie Dongshan's side, a look at the screen immediately startled, chattering. Is it really the Phantom? "I think it should be, otherwise who can silently invade our network." But hasn't he ever invaded an important part of our country before? Why did you do it this time? "How do I know that?" …… During the discussion, a line of words popped up again on the screen, "Please evacuate the low-level personnel here immediately, leaving the top officer to talk to me." Looking at the jargon, the crowd's eyes turned to a middle-aged man, one of whom asked, "What about the group leader?" The middle-aged man pondered a little and said, "You go back to your seat first and track it back." "Yes." The crowd answered, returned to their seats, and launched their own anti-tracking methods. But for a moment, someone exclaimed excitedly, aluminium coated steel tube ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, "Group leader, I tracked the source, the address is in Beijing.." At this point, he looked at the IP address dumbfounded, and immediately said with a wry smile, "It seems to be a computer here." The middle-aged man, who was still a little excited, shook his head with a wry smile. At this time, other people's voices came one after another. Group leader, the situation on my side is similar, and I can't make any progress after tracking here. "So am I." "Forget it, don't track it. It's not in the same class." The middle-aged man waved his hand helplessly and then waved to the crowd and said, "All right, you all go out." "Yes." The crowd reluctantly left the room. After waiting for everybody to leave, the middleaged person takes a deep breath, sat before computer, knock on dialog box next: "Excuse me phantom, what thing do you come to have today?" "Good thing!"! You should be Xu Weize, the leader of the network security team.
” "Ah!" When the middle-aged man heard this, he was shocked and dumbfounded. Although his identity was not confidential, it was not known by ordinary people. Then, as soon as he thought of the latter's means, he was relieved and knocked: "Yes, I am Xu Weize." "I hope you will immediately inform Zhan Guohua, the minister of your department, and the top scientific and technological personnel of the country. If it is best, please also invite the chairman and the premier. I have something to talk to them about." "What!" Xu Weize is startled in the heart, then turn to think, knock hurriedly: "Is, phantom you are Chinese?"? Still going to? Although he did not make it clear, he believed that the other party could understand, otherwise he would not have asked to see the Prime Minister and the Chairman for no reason. Later, Xu Weize saw a line of fonts that made his heart swell and beat violently. Yes, as you think, I am a Chinese, and as you think, I want to give the country some high-tech information, the amount is very large, and these scientific and technological information is not developed by other countries, but based on the scientific and technological information I got, on the basis of improvement, at least, about ten years ahead of other countries. Seeing this, Xu Weize's heart could not calm down, although he did not know whether the other side was bragging, but the only thing he knew was that it was not difficult to get some high-tech information from other countries by means of the other side. If the country really has a lot of scientific and technological information from other countries, it is unlikely that it will not take off in the future. Steady mood, Xu Weize knocked, "Phantom, thank you for everything you have done for the country, please wait a moment, I will inform you right away." As soon as his words were typed, he received a reply, "OK." Xu Weize took a look at the dialog box, picked up the landline on the table,beam impact tubes, and began to dial up. In five minutes. An old man in his fifties rushed over first. As soon as he saw Xu Weize, he immediately asked, "Is the information you said accurate?" 。
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