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Although Jackal often laughed at several college s (1st Dec 22 at 1:39am UTC)
It is said that the thief who stole the treasure left four short sentences afterwards, which were like poems but not poems, like words but not words: "The long wind is rustling, and the white waves are surging. Take this rare treasure and go to the world to enjoy yourself!" Master Mujian, the abbot of Qibao Temple, looked at these four sentences over and over again for a long time, and suddenly realized that the first word of each of these four short songs was combined into a sentence, which turned out to be the four words: "Take away the long white"! It was decided that the incident must have been done by the "Changbai Sword Sect". He also went to the outside of Shanhaiguan Pass and handed down a letter of worship. Within a month, he would go to Changbai Mountain to seek revenge for Suobao! Poor "Changbai Sword Sect" leader "Luoying Shenjian" Xie Yiqi didn't even know what the lost treasure of Qibaoshou was. He was wronged for no reason, but he couldn't argue! The "Changbai Sect" was extremely difficult to deal with any of these three things, but now it was coming at the same time, and the time was between late February and early March, less than a month. "Luoying Shenjian" Xie Yiqi was naturally anxious and did not know how to deal with it! " "Flying Eagle" Qiu Yi said these three things, and then said, "I come here to ask the Villa Leader for help. First, I come here because the Villa Leader is famous all over the world. His reputation in Wulin and his martial arts prestige are all convincing. Second, I come here because I know that the Villa Leader was kind to the'Red Beard Sect 'when he was a knight-errant outside the Shanhaiguan Pass in the past. He is also an old friend of Master Mujian of Wutai Mountain. This time, the'Changbai Sect Apart from the Villa Leader, I'm afraid it's hard to find anyone who can help them out. "Mr. Sanjue" Gong Yezhuo bowed his head and hesitated for a long time. After calculating,collapsible pallet bin, he found that this trip was beneficial and harmless. Then he took his two capable disciples, as well as his beloved disciple Gong Yeqin, the "Silver Swallow Chasing the Soul on Five Sides", dressed up and rushed to Changbai Mountain overnight with the "Flying Eagle"! In the middle of February, although there was already a hint of spring in the south of the Yangtze River, there was still an endless silvery world between the white mountains and black waters outside the Shanhaiguan Pass. "Mr. Sanjue" Gongye Zhuo Hu attacked the white horse and pointed out the white snow very calmly. He kept praising it and said with a smile, "I haven't been outside the Shanhaiguan Pass for decades. Now I feel that although the mountains and rivers in the south of the Yangtze River are beautiful, they are not magnificent and open enough. In any case,collapsible pallet box, this trip has finally opened the eyes of Qin'er! "Flying Eagle" Xiyi, however, kept anxiously urging Mr. Gongye to rush to the foot of Changbai Mountain. Although it was already dusk, Xiyi still ignored the difficulty of the road and had to catch up with the mountain overnight. Fortunately, Mr. Gong Ye and his party all had excellent martial arts skills, so they never insisted on staying overnight at the foot of the mountain, which saved the "Changbai Sword Sect" from a catastrophe that almost destroyed the family! " The place where the Changbai Sword Sect sends its hair is the "Primate Temple" on the mountainside of Changbai Mountain, which has been handed down for decades. The masters all stay here. Although Xie Yiqi, the "Falling Sword", is not under the Three Puritans, he also stays here according to the rules. Fortunately, Xie Yiqi has never married, and his life is no different from that of ordinary Taoist couples, drum spill pallet ,plastic pallet containers, so there is no inconvenience! "Mr. Sanjue" and his party, riding on the reflection of the snow on the ground, climbed up the mountainside with great ease. "Flying Eagle" Xiyifang pointed to a dark wall shadow in the night and said: "Over there is the place where the'Primate Temple 'is located. When Mr. Gongye arrives, drink a few glasses of hot wine first to block the cold, and then --" Before the words were out of the way, there was a sudden, breathtaking scream. It came from the "Primate Temple." Xiyi, the "Flying Eagle," spoke in a loud voice, and his face changed greatly. Gong Yezhuo also said in a deep voice, "It seems that the Changbai Sect has changed. Qin'er, you take the two of them around the road and then enter the temple. Brother Xiyi and I will go one step ahead!" The last word fell, and the figure was already ten feet away. Although the "Flying Eagle" Baoyi was anxious and frightened, he could not help admiring Gong Yezhuo's calm and proper scheduling, as well as his graceful and amazing posture. He folded his fists and said with a smile, "You have worked hard, Lord Lao Shao." One side also flies from the body and then sweeps away. Although "Flying Eagle" Qiu Yi is famous in Jianghu for his flying skills, he still feels far behind this "Mr. Sanjue" at the moment. If Gong Yezhuo hadn't slowed down his pace, it would have been difficult to catch up with him. Gong Yezhuo said in a deep voice, "Brother Qiu, the lights in the'Primate Temple 'are bright, but since the tragic cry, there has been no sound. The situation must be extremely dangerous. If you and I are too late, I'm going to regret it for the rest of my life.
” As they spoke, the two of them were already outside the "Primate Temple." They saw that the door of the temple was not closed, but there was a vertical and horizontal sword inside the door. They struck each other back and forth in the light of snow and lights. Qiu Yi, the "Flying Eagle," shouted at the top of his voice: "Please stop first. The'Dangui Villa 'and'Mr. Sanjue' Gong Yezhuo of Jiuhua Mountain are here!" He could not understand his own name, but he called out the name of "Mr. Sanjue". Naturally, he was convinced that the four words had the power to capture people first. "Shouting," Lipton, a grey-robed bearded old man with a sword in his hand and a worried face, was already flying freely. He repeatedly shouted: "Where is Gong Yezhuo?"? Where is Xixiong? I want to kill Xie Yiqi! It turned out that the situation of the "Changbai Sect" at the moment, as expected by Gong Yezhuo, was extremely dangerous. The four most powerful disciples of the "Changbai Sect" had already injured three of them. The tragic cry just now was that the Taoist "Xuanshuang", the first disciple of the second generation of today's "Changbai School", was invited by Dong Ping, a martial arts master "Golden Gun and Silver Bullet" invited by the "Three Swords". When a stab in the chest is issued before dying! "Fallen Sword" Xie Yiqi saw the tragic death of his beloved disciple, but the savior he was looking forward to had not yet arrived. He knew that he could only do it himself, and perhaps he could pull back a little. But as soon as he fought with Jin Zhenyufu, the "Seven Swords" in the "Three Swords of Kongtong", he knew that the "Three Swords of Kongtong" were not in vain. Even if he tried his best, he could only draw with others at most. In the heart can not help but more panic, at the moment "flying eagle" hit the sound of this drink,plastic pallet suppliers, it is not rich savior fell from the sky. Xie Yiqi's eyes moved. Without waiting for the introduction of "Flying Eagle" Qiu Yi, he grabbed Gong Yezhuo's palm and said, "Your Excellency must be the famous'Mr. Sanjue 'in Jianghu. I've heard a lot about you. It's really.. Really Like thunder pouring through my ears. It's like thunder pouring into my ears! 。
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