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One half of the evil emperor (1st Dec 22 at 1:39am UTC)
The sky was covered with fluorescent blue sword light, and the mosquito had fallen to the ground and slowly closed his eyes. He did not see, did not have time to see, in his best swordsmanship, Chi Yaoyang was cut into millions of pieces by the blue light, disappeared in the air scene. Meanwhile, the ultimate defense shield, broken. Mosquito, an ordinary player, the only chief disciple of Dongsheng Shenjiao, ended his battle with his most magnificent scene. That person, should, remember oneself? The mosquito lying on the ground closed his eyes and smiled slowly. Chapter 65 the true body of the remnant night Xiao Xiao hair, suddenly stand, light cloud volume. Mobile Phone Station: Waiting for a Hundred Years of the Iraqi People, Who Will Lead the People? Dream back to youth. The frivolous body, the silent language, the breeze disperses. Just talk about other people's Nai, just can? The heart of the hearer is full of pity. A vast expanse of white fog,ibc spill pallet, mosquito eyes depression, lips closed, negative hands plain clothes and stand, suddenly like a dream. So ethereal, so unreal, so calm, is this what it feels like to be dead? Is it worth it? Suddenly I heard a voice asking myself softly in my heart. It is worth it, at least their own at least vigorous once,plastic pallet manufacturer, is no longer unknown, bored will be beaten to death of the weak life. No longer being laughed at, not ignored by teachers, being poked on the forehead by parents angrily comparing, "Look at Wang Mou next door, Zhang Mou downstairs, Li Mou, the child of my unit at the same time.." Can that person at least remember my ridiculous name? Mosquito Remembering that day when I went to Bodhi Shizu's place to listen to the instructions, I saw a beautiful young man standing in black clothes with clear purple eyes. Mosquitoes could not help but yearn for him. He is so peaceful and tranquil, but without losing the majestic atmosphere. Like an Ao orchid growing in the stone crevice, it stubbornly breathes fragrance. Mobile Station: He said calmly and indifferently, "I take care of Xichao.". I have my own way. That moment. He finally understood the meaning of his existence. He also has his own way. Gu Xichao. This name is admired and loved by countless people. Bringing mosquitoes is not just a road to the future. Also. The shy boy had an ardent heart of love. Really. I want to see him again. "The most beautiful man with amazing talent and beautiful butterfly dancing." Do you really want to see him so much? The cold and indifferent voice echoed in the fog. Stir up the thick fog and make waves. Do you want to see him? Do you want to see Gu Xichao? Do you want to see him? The question was suddenly raised, but he was a little frightened. The mist in front of us suddenly gradually dispersed, plastic pallet bins ,plastic pallet manufacturer, and the mosquito recognized that it was the flying goddess of the Chinese style mansion. Gu Xichao was sitting beside the idol, holding a blue flute and playing a tune quietly. Canglang Sword Fu? This song. Did you blow it for yourself? The mosquito could not help but burst into tears. Mobile Station: "The pupil congeals the autumn water sword meteor, cuts the poem for the bone jade for the God.". Pianpian Yunduanke in white clothes, for whom life and death are thrown lightly. Putting down the blue flute, Gu Xichao stood up and looked at the distant night sky and gently recited a poem. Mosquitoes? I remember you. He looked at Gu Xichao quietly for a long time, and finally turned around and walked back into the thick fog without any nostalgia. What's the matter The indifferent voice suddenly became a little more curious, as if he was very interested in the young man who wanted to see Gu Xichao but went back on his word. "Aren't you so eager to see him?" "I have seen it." The mosquito adjusted his robe and smiled faintly. Then why don't you talk to him? Yeah, why is that? He's already remembered you, Mozzie. What are you so stubborn about? "Because I'm not qualified." Retrieve the Blue Flying Sword into the Inky Sword Box. The mosquito took out the special headband for the chief disciple of Dongsheng Shenjiao, which he had been reluctant to wear, and silently pinned his long hair. "Now.". Take me to reincarnation. It is so gentle, so stubborn, but shy and lovely. He has realized that he is finally willing to formally accept his identity and no longer care about other people's evaluation of him. What if he is really a lucky player who accidentally touches the hidden task and becomes the chief disciple? Why should we care about what others say? Just do what you have to do. Thought through the mosquito, free and easy and elegant said with a smile: "Now, take me to reincarnation.".
” "Oh?"? Did I say you wanted to be reincarnated? The thick smoke dispersed, and Bodhi, wearing a blue and purple Taoist robe, stood smiling not far away and held out his right hand to him. This child. Have you finally realized? That's all right. I, the chief disciple of Dongsheng Shenjiao, should have some privileges. Come on, let's go back. The Bodhi old man rarely did not do anything to damage his glorious image, so he extended his hand kindly and smiled. Smiling shyly, the mosquito went up to meet him. One tall and one short, one black hair and one white head, the two figures gradually dissipated in the thick fog, and could no longer be seen. A long time. The other two figures gradually appeared in the white fog. Gu Xi Chao, the beast God remnant night. Do you dare to tell me that you are just an NPC with high power? Looking at the direction where the mosquito disappeared, Gu Xichao felt his nose sour and astringent, "that child, really." Really, stubborn and persistent, let a person sad. Much like you when you were absent before, you worked hard for an ethereal goal without complaint or regret. The waning night also looked in that direction. It seems to be a sigh. Don't change the subject. "Uh." Touch your nose in the waning night. Finally, unable to bear Gu Xichao's supercilious look, the news came out. I have no name, and I have many names. After looking at him carefully, he turned around and didn't give him a chance to see his expression. He said faintly, "The beast God is what the orcs called me during the internal test. The remnant night is what the white son called me after he came here. And those people call me more, Brahma." Brahman, the mastermind of virtual reality games. Do not understand love, do not understand love, only sigh that human beings are small, humble and dirty. Gradually influenced by the small, humble and dirty human beings in their own mouth,plastic pallet suppliers, they have the intellectual brain of human emotions. Is it time to call you waning night, Yang or Brahma? Looking at the slender figure of the other side, Gu Xichao wanted to rush up and embrace him for a moment to comfort the lonely man who had nothing. But how can you comfort him.
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