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Sixth God Block _ 202002 15155550. (1st Dec 22 at 1:28am UTC)
"These are true, but the whole map does not have a ruler, the distance is long or short, and this mountain path, even if it is completed by turning two bends with a pen, the left and right mountains are several arches, which is too simple, you have been here, so it is no problem to refer to this map, but I have not been here, looking at this map, I feel very blind, how many mountains does this mountain path pass through?" Through several valleys, how wide the road is, how long it is, all do not know, this map, if used to fight, if the generals have not been here, it is not blind! Bai Su listened and looked at the plane map. Hearing what Yang Ye said, he also felt that the map was a little simple: "This map is not drawn like this. Besides, when fighting, there are scouts, flying riders, and guides who are familiar with the place!"! This map is just a general direction, an important town! YangYe smiled, did not continue to argue, YangYe but live in the earth with a satellite map, as long as you fiddle with the phone, what mountains and rivers, roads, towns are all vivid, even the corner of the small village map, natural to see how this map is not pleasing to the eye, and white element is in the soul martial arts Academy received military courses, but on the map, also just master a foundation, And the map is fine,CNC machining parts, is not valued, after all, really want to fight, there is a guide, there are air riding scouts overlooking the earth, the general terrain can still be mastered. However, this kind of control, but only in the hands of senior generals, and the lower, the weaker the control of the terrain, a division can be equipped with air riding, but battalion units, as for the guide,deep draw stamping, although it can play a role, but not necessarily reliable. This map must be changed, whether the map is fine or not, can decide the victory or defeat of the war, the details determine the success or failure, this sentence, but Yang Ye most believe in the famous saying, but how to draw this map, Yang Ye heart also no bottom, he junior high school geography, also only learned, scale, contour lines and so on, but how to measure the specific height, and how to measure the scale, he has no idea. Can only wait until the fief, try to come! If you really can't, you can make a sand table. Although the amount of work is a little large, it is necessary for war. Let's not talk about that. What about Ruyan and Meier? Yang Ye stretched his brows and put the map behind him. He asked, "This time, Yang Ye left Bai Bing and Qianhuang in Hou Fu to prepare for the establishment of a female guard. Of course, it's more because the two women are more difficult to push down, and Yan Ruyan and Jun Meier are more easy to do." It's in the next room, and you're going to.. tonight! Bai Su blinked his eyes, but did not speak thoroughly, but his face was a little feverish. This place, socket screw plug ,Investment casting parts, or forget it, not bad these days, besides, this is not accompanied by you! Yang Ye said, pulling Bai Su into his arms and reaching into Bai Su's skirt. Uh Bai Su intoned softly, but he was sitting in Yang Ye's arms, lowering his head and letting Yang Ye be frivolous. Is there nothing to say to me? Yang Ye while playing with Bai Su's jade rabbit, a long time, but is the opening way.
Bai Su raised his head and looked at Yang Ye and said, "Now that you're doing this, you must have your reasons. Besides, I have nothing to do with him. Even if I do, I'm just a classmate!"! I don't want to worry about him. There's no need! Yang Ye looked at Bai Su who said simply, but he said, "Oh, you never thought I would do this to test you!" "Test me, I have nothing to test, you are not short of women, you do not like me, you can ignore me, if you want to divorce me, will not marry me, why make such a big detour, let the two families lose face, besides, your test is doomed to have no result, people will not give you the opportunity to doubt me!" "Ya, I hate smart women, forget it, I will keep him around, not afraid of him to take things too hard, revenge in the future, but he is a talent, besides, I respect his love for you, although it is doomed to have no results, if he still wants to go, I will not stop, now everything is his choice!" "You don't have to explain!" "Then don't explain, sleep, you're mine now, all of it!" Yang Ye said that he picked up Bai Su and went to the bed. The next morning, the team set off again, but in Shankou Town, they prepared a lot of dry food, because from here on, there were no decent villages along the way, even if there were sporadic places to rest, but they could not provide food and drink for hundreds of people, so they had to bring their own. Set out The mighty procession stepped directly into the mountain, plunged into the mountain, surrounded the road between the hills and mountains, and continued to move forward. Boom, boom, boom! The team just walked out of ten miles, the sun is high, the ear came bursts of rumbling sound, and when the horse team around a ridge, face to face, layers of mist in the breeze blowing, blow on the face, indescribably refreshing. Waterfall, what a big waterfall! In the procession, Yan Ruyan, like a lively bird, looked at the waterfall falling straight down from a high place and immediately shouted loudly. Yang Ye looked in front of the side of the mountain path, and between the two mountains, a river with abundant water was like spurting out from the mouth of the dragon, flying down, and it was very spectacular to fall three thousand feet into the Milky Way. This is Longkou Waterfall, which is the first waterfall after entering the mountain. But after that, we can see at least more than 20 waterfalls along the way. The biggest one is the Milky Way falling nine times. That's spectacular. Standing under the waterfall, it's like a hole in the sky and the river pouring down. People can't help but marvel! Bai Su obviously saw a lot, and did not make a fuss, but said with a smile. No wonder this hill, also known as Waterfall Mountain, has been very knowledgeable all the way! Yang Ye looked at the waterfall that was gradually left behind, but his mood was like the falling waterfall, stirring up. It's a pity that Qianhuang and Bingbing didn't come together. It's a pity that such a good scenery was missed! "What's the pity? It's not that they won't come, it's just that they'll be a little late!" "Hum,die casting parts, who knows what you're up to to separate us on purpose!" Jun Meier but guard against the wolf general guard Yang Ye, white one eye, way. Chapter 293 Orcs.
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